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Why we exist...

Have you ever heard the term cray-cray?  It means crazy, that insanity has taken over!  When we first decided to become part of promotional products industry over 20 years ago that was our view of the industry!  Just crazy!  We felt like there was and still is huge opportunity to serve customers in this industry. We searched everywhere to find a company that was actually providing  relevant and creative solutions with no avail.  There are thousands if not millions of promotional products, so the problem is not lack of supply. 

The problem that giveaway consumers are facing is that they keep getting the same old boring stuff in their in box.  That is why were passionate about bringing you relevant and creative promotional product solutions that will make the desired impact your company desires and it will be within budget and delivered on time, making you the Rock Star of your next trade show, sales meeting or corporate event.  


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